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Victims of Hurricane Sandy   Still
Need Our Help
Since   Sandy made landfall, ASPCA responders have been working around the clock to   rescue animals from the floodwaters and reunite them with their guardians.   We’ve delivered critical pet supplies and provided emergency veterinary care   in some of the hardest-hit areas. And we couldn’t have done it without you.
As   temperatures inch closer to freezing in the Northeast, many families without   power or running water in damaged homes are facing increasingly dire   circumstances. Everywhere our pet supply vehicles stop, we are met by a crowd   of needy pet parents, and the demand for pet food is increasing by the day.
Despite   all these families have lost, they’re doing all they can to care for and feed   their pets. To date, we’ve distributed thousands of pounds of pet food and   cat litter to areas of extreme need, and we are fielding requests for more   every single day. We’ve assisted more than 6,000 animals so far, and thanks   to your unwavering support, we’ll be able to help countless others.
Please don’t forget about those animals that are still   waiting for our help. Every penny of your donation will go   directly to our disaster relief fund. Thank you for your support of the ASPCA   and for allowing us to help where we’re needed most.

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