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I got this in an e mail from my friend Hallema.  I thought this was really worth passing along on Living for a Cause’s blog.  I hope you agree.  Mary

As we develop, we embrace communities within society and we network with other beings of our collective consciousness so that Each One of Us, will continue the journey to Reach One of Us and that voyage will bond all of Us! 

When we recognize the challenges as well as the triumphs we face within our diverse cultures, we realize in the end that we speak, we cry, and we endure similar pains as well as passionate joys. We all are people of excellence and great pride. We all represent the birth of our nation’s future and different ingredients needed to encourage one another.  

As a collective force, we are more than members of a mass population, we are partners and believers of an interest aimed to jointly uplift one another inspirationally and professionally!  
We all have been affected by many great and not so great moments in our lifetime. But again, we’re always reminded of those shared elements of our existence which was clearly defined for us in the beginning when we were cut from that umbilical cord. 

We are Beings before we are categorized by groups which mean we share values that naturally unite us and we all are entitled to explore and embrace all things within our Universe. 

If we take time to understand those communal values that connect us, remove the politics and ego from our lives, and focus on the beauty and spirit of our being, we can be unified as we should be. 
Yesterday is gone, today is a new day, and tomorrow is another moment in our life.  Life goes on, and so will we. We’ll meet new people, encounter new challenges and embark upon exciting and productive opportunities. Cherish all that the Universe has in store and live in the many moments that life will bring. 

Remember that higher states of consciousness carry much more power to change reality than do the lower states of consciousness. The higher you reach, the more affect your consciousness has in resolving problems and creating a better life. Seeking joy from within is an activity which places you in tune with the flow of eternal joy which resides there, waiting for you to contact it, feel it, and express it.
May we continue to network collectively and remember the cord that connects to our Greatness within. 

One Love, One Unified Force

Hallema Sharif
January 12, 2011


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